FKURSLF Maine License Plate 2" Soft Enamel Pin

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Recently, Super Pintendo's foul-mouthed co-founder Seth decided to embark on a little experiment. Could he get the state of Maine to make his vanity license plate if it contained an obviously offensive statement? Apparently, everyone at the DMV was so jacked on Allen's Coffee Brandy and Dunkin Donuts they didn't even notice. Now, we have immortalized this momentous occasion with a soft enamel pin. It seriously looks just like the original...we can't even believe it. No, really, we can't. How did this happen?

You can read a news story about Seth's hijinks right here: 

Packaged on a Super Pintendo card in a clear plastic bag, and laser etched with our logo and serial. LIMITED TO 100.

Ships worldwide.